Friday, 23 November 2007

Toad in the hole

This is a favourite in our house and was what we had for our dinner last night. There is a fantastic butcher just up the road from us so we get all our meat from there. They do the most amazing sausages and the husband would eat them every day if he could. I grilled the sausages first and did a few extra so the husband can have sausage butties for lunch today. I then made the batter just as you would make one for a yorkshire pudding. I served our toad in the hole with steamed veg and some creamy mashed potato. It was very yummy and all the better for having such amazing sausages. Its just not the same with some cheap ones from the supermarket.

I made a bit of a mess in the kichen last night as I also made a pasta salad for my lunch today. I have a deal with the husband in that I cook and he washes up. I left him a huge mountain to do last night which he wasn't very impressed with.

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Linda F said...

This looks so divine, it has to be one of my favourite winter meals! Great photo!