Thursday, 15 November 2007

My Kitchen wishlist

I already have a lot of gadgets and gizmo's in my kitchen. My cupboards and shelves are overflowing with them. Some of them I use a lot and others sit there getting dusty. My husband P decided that we should get a juicer a while ago. We've only ever used it about 3 times. Its such a faff to use and clean again afterwards that we just buy juice.

These are some things that I am lusting after at the moment for my kitchen. I love looking at stuff for my kitchen online.

Firstly I would so love a Kitchenaid mixer. I just think they are so nice and even though P doesn't think I'd use it much, I know I would. I think they look gorgeous and I would love to own one. Seeing as himself has just bought himself a games console I might treat myself to one soon. I just need to decide which colour to get. I can't decide between the green or the red one.

I also really like some of the Living Kitchen range by Nigella Lawson. I already have some stuff but would love this cake stand. I'd probably never use it but I really like it.

I already have the LK measuring spoons but would love to get the cups as well. I have a cheapy set of metal ones but these are divine and I would love some. They are on my Christmas wish list. They are so pretty and I know they would come in useful.
So there you have it, its not much to ask for is it?

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