Friday, 19 June 2009

Happy Birthday Dad

Its my Dad's birthday today and I have spent this morning making him a birthday cake. I made my Dad's favourite cake which is a vanilla sponge and sandwiched 2 together with vanilla buttercream. I then used fondant icing to cover the cake and coloured some more icing a pale blue colour. With this I cut out some little blue star shapes and stuck them on the cake and then cut some ribbons from the icing.
I then cut into the top of the icing and carefull rolled back the ends. I completed the cake by winding some silver wire round a pencil to twist it and then stuck stars onto the end. These wires are inserted into a special holder that is popped into the middle of the cake. It looks like the stars are exploding out of the cake like a firework. As a finishing touch I filled the middle of the cake with edible silver balls.
I am keeping my fingers crossed that the cake will survive the journey later.
Happy birthday Dad.