Friday, 18 April 2008

Chocolate Buttons

I adore chocolate buttons and when I saw these on a shopping trip today I just couldn't resist them. They are a little box full of vintage shaped chocolate buttons. I am a big fan of Hotel Chocolat as they make some of the most delicous chocolates that I have ever tasted. The champagne truffles are amazing as are all of the wonderful bars that they make. I hadn't heard of this company until last year when I was very kindly sent a box of their chocolates from a friend. Now I am hooked and regularly order my stash of chocolate from the website to be delivered.

I went on a little shopping trip today as I have the day off work. I was intending to go out to get a birthday present for my wonderful mum but ended up spending a small fortune on myself as well. I normally do most of my shopping in my nearest shopping centres of Poole or Bournemouth but I ventured a little further afield today to Southampton. There I found the chocolate shop that I could have spent all day wandering around. It has the most delicious aroma of chocolate and such a wonderful selection of all things made from the cocoa bean. I would definately recommend a trip to one of their shops but if you can't get to one then you can order online. I must warn you that this chocolate is amazing and if you're anything like me then you'll spend a small fortune there.

I also found this which I am going to hang up in my kitchen. Isn't it pretty?


Anonymous said...

Oh so cute Teresa

Maria said...

Teresa I love that cupcake plaque!


Kelly-Jane said...

I'm a Hotel Chocolate fan as well, and your cupcakes look fab! Enjoy.

Anna said...

I love the fairy cake plaque, it's so pretty!

violets said...

Hi Teresa, I've been eyeing up those buttons too, I love your cupcake hook its really cute.

Vi xx

Rosie said...

Oh Teresa Hotel Chocolat chocolates are SO good!! Just adore that cupcake plaque!

Rosie x