Monday, 27 October 2008

Off to a cookware party tonight

I have been invited to a party tonight. It is for Pampered Chef cookware. I have just been browsing their website and it looks as though they sell some wonderful things. I will have to be careful and make sure I don't spend too much this evening. Apparently the consultant will use some of the products to cook something that we can all taste. I've never been to anything like this before so I'm really lookin forward it. It sounds vaguely similar to Tupperware parties that my mum used to go to. I couldn't resist the chance to go to party that is all about kitchen goodies and cookware. If nothing else it will be lovely to spend the evening with some friends.

I'm liking the look of these pretty spotty cups and bowls. There is a whole lot of stuff in this range and from the pictures on the website I think it looks lovely.

Has anyone else been to one of these parties? If so are there any products that you would recommend? I'll let you know how I get on and if I can resist the temptation to buy anything.


Nazarina A said...

You are in for a treat, I have pampered chef. Yes be careful overspending especially on gadgets for delicious cooking is inevitable!
May I just say that your little choc. creations in the previous post are so scrumptious.

Coby said...

No personal experience, but looking forward to hearing about your evening Teresa:D

katty said...

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never experienced a party like that before.

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peny113 said...
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